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OK… this is the final straw.

Today I found out that I can’t send mail any emails from my network. Everything had been working fine for the last 3 months. But mysteriously my outbound queues started piling up on my mail server! Additionally, I’m not able to send email through any of my non-AT&T pop accounts… I was HOWEVER able to send mail through my all my AT&T email accounts.

Strange… not!

So I called AT&T and asked them if they made a change… “nope you should be able to send email!” They then passed me over to their ConnecTech group which in turn charged me $30! Long story short…they ultimately told me that, “AT&T has decided not to pass Port 25 (SMTP) traffic anymore.” What a farce that was. How about a heads up!

“Didn’t AT&T tell you this when you sent up the account?” No… in fact I told AT&T that I was running servers and explicitly told them I needed port 25 open!

SO why am I paying for 5 static IPs? Not really sure. Guess it’s time for me to make a change!

Well today is the start of everything that I’ve taken this trip for. We’ll be updating the servers in Hong Kong today.


Setting up DNS, OpenDirectory, AFP shares and then migrating the user accounts over. Hopefully if all goes well we’ll be done by 10PM… hopefully!

bill_hk will_hk

6:15PM – Start Time
6:30PM – Got all users off server
7:30PM – Finally got the machine to boot from DVD
7:45PM – Got McDonald’s for dinner
8:00PM – Config’d host
9:10PM – Finally got DNS working… Hate DNS!
9:15PM – Started patching machine
9:30PM – Still waiting for the updates to download… Moving user data!
9:40PM – Downloads are done… Let’s bind to OpenDirectory!
10:00PM – Anyone know what a 1077 error is?
10:25PM – This network sucks…
10:40PM – Oh hey let’s test the Riverbed Device…
11:09PM – Strong passwords? Why bother?
11:34PM – Setting up Network Homes!
11:36PM – Oh wait… the directory doesn’t like diradmin any more.
12:19AM – Finished patching server
12:40AM – Fixed a few login issues
1:10AM – Tested all logins… They work.. I’m out of here!

Today I woke to a cold but bright day. I worked late last night and slept until 8:30. Tracy and Izzy left the house early before I got out of bed. They went to the nail place, where I’m told everyone gushed over Izzy.

After getting my morning cup of coffee, I had a look in on the servers I’d been toiling over the night before. Sometimes it’s not easy being in IT. Nothing much had changed. The RAID was still rebuilding and I could get xSAN to recognize it. I did some school work as I debated my next decision… Should I go into the office?

It’s getting harder to leave the kids behind. It’s hard to see them grow and have the days pass. I miss them.

I finally decided to go in… Spent about five hours there. During that time Will went to karate, Izzy crawled on the floor, Tracy started dinner, and I rebuilt a server.

After driving home from work, I gave everyone a kiss hello and spent sometime with Will. It was short lived as he had made arrangements to sleep over at a friend’s house. Tracy put the baby to bed as I tried to figure out the cause of my server’s woes. Tracy and I had a wonderful dinner in the sun room, beef stew! A change in our usual menu!

After dinner we finished watching Benjamin Button. What a great movie! But in the end I felt sad… I don’t want me life to pass by without enjoying every moment. Just before bed, I checked in on little Izzy, watching her peacefully sleep. I woke Tracy who had fallen asleep watching the movie and crawled into bed. Hopefully, I’ll figure out that server problem tomorrow!