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Snow Day!

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A quick message from Izzy to her Grandmoms!

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WOW… I can´t believe that you´re a year old. This has been the fastest year of my life. You´ve grown so fast and you bring such happiness to this house. Mommy and Daddy love you very much!


Today I woke to a cold but bright day. I worked late last night and slept until 8:30. Tracy and Izzy left the house early before I got out of bed. They went to the nail place, where I’m told everyone gushed over Izzy.

After getting my morning cup of coffee, I had a look in on the servers I’d been toiling over the night before. Sometimes it’s not easy being in IT. Nothing much had changed. The RAID was still rebuilding and I could get xSAN to recognize it. I did some school work as I debated my next decision… Should I go into the office?

It’s getting harder to leave the kids behind. It’s hard to see them grow and have the days pass. I miss them.

I finally decided to go in… Spent about five hours there. During that time Will went to karate, Izzy crawled on the floor, Tracy started dinner, and I rebuilt a server.

After driving home from work, I gave everyone a kiss hello and spent sometime with Will. It was short lived as he had made arrangements to sleep over at a friend’s house. Tracy put the baby to bed as I tried to figure out the cause of my server’s woes. Tracy and I had a wonderful dinner in the sun room, beef stew! A change in our usual menu!

After dinner we finished watching Benjamin Button. What a great movie! But in the end I felt sad… I don’t want me life to pass by without enjoying every moment. Just before bed, I checked in on little Izzy, watching her peacefully sleep. I woke Tracy who had fallen asleep watching the movie and crawled into bed. Hopefully, I’ll figure out that server problem tomorrow!