Hi! My name is Bill Heese.

I’ve been working with computers for over 20 years. I started working with computers to record musical ideas when analogue technology just wasn’t cutting it. BUT there was a problem. Digital recording was still in its infancy so I spent a lot more time fixing my computer than recording into it.

Why do I mention this? I have a passion for technology. I still love what I do 20 years later. I still love finding solutions to everyday problems and helping people get the most from computers. It’s not often one can say that.

I currently work for Conair as an IT Manager. I am responsible for all machines that are used as part of our creative group.

Over the years, I have worked with various different technologies. I’ve worked on the network side of things… firewalls and layer 3 switches. I’ve worked desktop applications and having to support end user calls. I’ve worked with servers and SANs. I’ve worked with collaboration tools and digit assets. The point here is I’m well rounded and I have a lot to offer.

Technology is ever evolving! So staying current with the latest offerings is just as important as the things I’ve done in the past. For the most part I’m self-taught. I’ve validated this with training and I’ve also received a Masters Degree in Cybersecurity. I’ve managed groups of people throughout the world and have been able to get everything done that was asked of me.

I’m going to use this space as a blog for the things that are currently happening in my life. I’ll be posting computer related tips… info about my Jeep… reactions to current events… parenthood… Whatever! Hope you enjoy reading. Post comments and corrections. Have fun… Be good!

My Resume