OK so I was asked today to give an interview to my friend Aidan… Thought it was really cool and here’s how it went!

Ok…What is your title and where u work?

Bill Heese… IT Manager: global Creative Services

Do you think newer technology will improve our way of life? If so, how drastically?

You have to look at Google Glasses… It is the newest/hottest piece of technology around. It will allow individuals to super impose information gotten for the Internet in real time on real life. That’s a huge break through in smart technology. Imagine walking down the street and seeing a pizza place… Now imagine being able to look at the menu real time as you are walking past the store. Or driving down a street and being able to see what street you just pasted without having to worry about finding a street sign. Now imagine not having o take your eyes completely off the road as you ow have to do with current smartphone technology. I think that’s pretty drastic.

Do you think that we are too reliant on technological advancements? If they were taken away how deeply would we be affected?

I think that humans adapt very well to technological advances… Look those of us old enough to remember pay phones know what’s its like to have to have change in your pocket to make a phone call. Now with the wide spread use on cell phones we don’t think twice about having to find a pay phone… We reach into our pockets pull out our cell phones and we make our call. Smartphones/devices have taken that to the next step. Now we hop on the Internet when we need information now matter where we are. Need to find the train schedule while your walking to he Penn Station… Let me get my cell phone out. That being said… I’d like to think that if the infrastructure were to away tomorrow we adapt back to the past but it would take time… I don’t believe the change would happen instantly… It would take time as we have moved away from old technology. Try finding a parking pay phone… Do you have change in your pocket?

Do you rely on technology on a daily basis? How?

Absolutely… The smartphone has changed the way we get information. Facebook… Twitter… CNN, Wall Street journal, NY times… They all are available online. And oh by the way… news is being delivered real time. Just take a look at the recent Boston marathon bombings or he shooting in Newtown Ct… That was all delivered to us in real time. We need to be careful that our news source is being accurate I95 is backed up you can see that the Merritt is not so I’ll take that home instead. Yes… I’d say its any everyday event.

What, in your opinion, is the technology that has impacted us the most? And why?

There are so many technological improvements that we use everyday it’s hard to say what impacts us the most. And if you look a little deeper each of use may use technology a bit different from the person next to you. My kids use it to interact with individual all over the world as they play online video games… Mind craft is a favorite in my house. My wife will use it to get the latest recipe from Glamour magazine. Me… I use it to get situational information based on what I am working on or doing at any given moment. There are draw backs… There is information overload and we need to balance that.

That being said smart devices are the tools that we are being drawn to because of its portability. They more than anything has change we as humans interact with information.